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Form 4 Notes: Mathematical Reasoning

Form 4 Notes

Chapter 4 : Mathematical Reasoning

1) A statement is a sentence that is either true or false but not both.

2) Quantifier denotes the number of objects or cases involved in statement.

3) 'All' refers to each and every object or cases.

4) 'Some' refers to several and not every object and cases.

5) A statement in the form 'if p, then q' is known as an implication. p is the antecedent and q is the consequent.

6) An argument is a process of making a conclusion based on given statements. The given statements are called premises.

7) Deduction is a process of making a specific conclusion from a general statement.

8) Induction is a process of making a general conclusion from specific cases.

For more on Mathematical Reasoning, watch this interesting slide below.

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